Instantly Print All Your Wedfies In Your Very Own Wedding Photobooth

Instaprint has a Wedding Photobooth service with which all your wedfies can be safely stored for you and your loved ones to enjoy. All you need is an evocative hash tag. “#JimmysGettingMarried” invokes the rush of a first experience with sharing and love, “#JohnWedsJane” brings that warmth to an event which brought joy to many people. “#MagicOfMarriage2015” imbibes the magic of living with another soul for the rest of your life. “#MarriageMoments” invokes the beautiful feeling of those special cherished moments. Having a cool hash tag for your wedding event to send out to your friends and family adds that extra technological oomph to your wedding cards and email invitations. Not only does it make your invitees look at that wedding invite (that you splashed your life savings on) twice, it also makes them more involved in those oh-so tough mishaps (misplaced blouse, last minute laundry run, pre-wedding jitters, ring bearer accidentally tramping on your train) that defines the Murphy’s Law of Weddings.

Imagine This. Guests waiting for the wedding need not get bored watching the empty dais but can instead watch a real time live feed of the bachelor and bachelorette party, the lovable antics put up by friends of the bride and groom, tender moments of their journey from love to marriage, the dancing like no one is watching, the feasting together, the engagement ceremonies, pre-wedding preparations and all that go into the making of the wedding. They can start making a long-standing connection with the bride and groom that goes a long way in enabling stronger marriages.

There’s more! As a wedding guest, you can get the best moments recorded in print of those shared with your friend who is about to start that splendid voyage of a life with another. A small capsule of time the size of a credit card is yours to cherish.

Cherry on the top… The wedding is over, but the fun has just begun. The online gallery is replete with all the fresh memories and now friends and family can express their comments openly. The married couple would love to know more about what the guests thought about their well-splurged designer wedding outfits, the feast and the painstakingly chosen colors. All the hard work they put into to-do lists and in planning for the event bears fruit here.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and you would like anyone who is someone to hear about it. You can place a chalkboard at the venue and write “If you Instagram, use #CrashMyWedding” to let the social world know that your wedding is going to occur. You can display this at every wedding table so guests can upload their picture contributions using the same hash tag. Your wedding program and instruction cards can also be printed using this hash tag.

Weddings are incredibly memorable for the all the tears and the laughter they bring and Instaprint’s Wedding Photobooth captures all that in the best possible way so that memories are made.

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